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Join our ministry for Children ages 4 - 12.

Our desire is for children to encounter God, to know Jesus, and know the power of the Holy Spirit. We invest time each week in worship, song, games, teaching and fellowship. Our goal is to create meaningful relationships spiritually and physically that will leave lasting impressions and help the children grow in grace and in knowledge ~ just like Jesus

The Clubhouse Cafe

Join us for Sunday Morning Breakfast

Serving students from 3-18 years

Located in the Clubhouse

Join us at 9:00 am to 9:30 am each Sunday!

Our mission:

To provide our teachers and parents a less hectic morning by feeding the kiddos at church!

To provide a gathering place for all students before

Sunday School begins.

To allow teachers an opportunity to prepare lessons and classrooms before students arrive!

What do we serve:

We keep it simple. We may have sausage on a stick, mini sausage biscuits, egg cups, etc along with a fruit such as apples, bananas, or grapes.

We always have milk and OJ available.

*Low sugar

*No red dye

*Will adjust for other allergies as needed

Just so you know... 

When you arrive for Sunday School go straight to

The Clubhouse Cafe!

(Even if you don’t eat, you will wait for your teachers here)

Teachers - please pick up your students no later than 9:40 so everyone can get to Sunday School on time!


Unity Church of God endeavors

to be a #jesuschurch


First to Love

First to Serve

First to Do The Unpleasant Tasks


Jesus exemplified all three and the Church must follow His example.




1580 Sunset Boulevard

Jesup, Georgia 31545



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