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How far will you go? How well do you let It go?

Dear Younger Me,

I know that you have reasons to be offended. But I need you to know that you MUST let it go. God has called you to a BIG task. 💪🏻Extraordinary actually. 😮 The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is in how well you handle offenses.

You are called to someday be a leader. A leader of people. A leader of imperfect people. A leader that is imperfect. And those imperfections will allow opportunity for offenses. 💯

Jesus said you can be angry until 5:59pm. Do not let the sun go down on your anger. At 6:00 pm you gotta throw that offense down. Just Let it go! 🔐

Where God is ready to take you, you can’t take that junk. You are carrying too much baggage to be able go higher! ⤵️

You have to decide- will I become a slave to an emotion? Or will I make the emotion become a slave under me? 🔗 #breakeverychain

Not only will you have to overcome those offenses but you will have to help Others to handle theirs. You can’t do that unless you first grow into a leader that shows them how! Otherwise, what God has called you to do will never survive. Anything that does not grow together grows apart. 💔

Can I give you some tough love💜? If you can’t handle the opposition, you don’t deserve the position!

Are you growing? Maturing? Are you big enough to be a forgiver? Because small People are petty. And petty people offend easily. 🎭

Be aware of your motives and perspective. If you make the issue the problem rather than the individual the problem then you can work together to bring resolution. But if the person is the problem rather than the issue the problem, you will never get to a resolution.

You don’t get to executive level in leadership by not being able to manage problems. Your inability to manage offenses is limiting your economy. Your paycheck and promotion stops at the point of your ability to manage problems and offenses.

Watch who you appoint as leaders. If you put a petty person who can’t handle offenses in an influential place, they will either bring the whole thing down or you have to bring them down.

You have to believe that what you are fighting FOR is more important than who you are fighting against. You have to be able to see and believe in the BIG Picture. 👀

Stop trying to win the battle but losing the war! It is possible to win and still lose! You may win the argument but lose your sister/brother/friend/husband/child etc....What is more important? 👊🏻

And one last thing: In order to grow what God is doing, you have to have new ideas flowing constantly into it. When offenses are all in the mix, you begin losing creativity and witty ideas. People lose Creativity when they lose calmness. You can’t live with such stress all the time. Remember, Sheep don’t give birth in chaos. They don’t give birth in windy areas, or rapidly moving waters, They seek out calm places to give birth. Birth what God has given you! Find the calm places where Offense can’t live! 🐑 🐑 🐑

I love you! I finally mean it!


Shelby R Wilson

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